Agretech Trucking

Despite the transportation challenges companies face today in meeting their obligations, Agretech continues to own and operate a fleet of delivery trucks to help ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, Agretech has developed strong, long-standing relationships with a wide network of trucking contractors that enable the company to provide top-notch delivery service to all types and sizes of projects in any of our market areas.

Agretech continues to invest wisely in its trucking management and service capabilities.  A new scale, Dispatch Office and “state of the art” software was added to the Dracut operation in 2013, ensuring each truckload is monitored, measured and managed for maximum control and efficiency.

The combination of market industry experience, industry network and accessible locations enables Agretech to combine forces with transportation companies to cost-effectively service customers and projects in a wider market area.

An example of this cooperation is Agretech’s coordination of “back-hauls” to source materials from outside of the market area.  This not only provides Agretech with access to the highest quality of resources, but helps Agretech and its contractors maximize equipment utilization and reduce overall fuel costs.


Agretech Ordering and Conversion Calculator

Estimate the number of cubic yards needed based on input, length and depth. This calculator helps provide approximate ordering quantities for sand, stone, loam and other materials.
Enter length and width in feet and depth in inches to calculate cubic yards of material required.
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Calculations of yards needed.
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