Community & Foundations

Agretech is pleased to be able to support a number of regional, non-profit organizations that serve the greater good of mankind and takes great pride in helping them to grow and achieve their individual missions. Our commitment to such groups as those outlined below, in addition to the many local charities and associations, will continue to be part of Agretech’s mission.

  • Africa's Thirst

    Africa’s Thirst

    Providing clean drinking water to the poorest of villages in Uganda is the critical mission of this organization. In partnership with Living Water International, a group with expertise in drilling and constructing water systems, they provide teams that train and equip the Ugandan leaders in both health and hygiene. In 2010, more than 10 clean water systems were built and installed in Uganda and trainers were funded, providing for the needs of more than 25,000 people that year alone.
  • African Educate

    AfriCan Educate

    In 2007, Father Robert Tumwekwase, at theology teacher in New Hampshire high schools, started a project to provide for the educational needs of children in his homeland village of Buchundura, Uganda. Today, his non-profit organization is helping more than 180 children from preschool to college age. Father Robert and his contributors handle all of the activities and he travels annually to Uganda to personally administer the funds and supplies.
  • Honduran Mission Team of New Hampshire

    Honduran Mission Team of New Hampshire

    For almost 25 years, the HMTNH has been traveling to Honduras, administering medical aid and providing supplies to some of the poorest areas in that country. Formed by a Catholic priest from Boston who moved to Honduras in the 1990’s, the group returns each year with more than 25 qualified team members, each committed to the HMTNH mission simply said in their motto “as one person, I cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person”.

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