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Agretech Corporation is an innovative leader in the handling and processing of recycled and natural aggregate products.  Agretech produces a wide range of construction materials and provides superior logistics services to customers from well and located and accessible facilities.

In 1986, Agretech’s parent company, Deloury Industries, evolved into aggregates recycling.  Deloury was originally formed as an excavating and contracting firm more than 50 years ago by its founder, John “Eddie” Deloury.  By the mid-80’s, the company began doing larger scale projects, some requiring the processing of on-site materials.  Several portable plants and major projects later, Agretech started to become a reality.

Now under the direction of David Deloury, the company grew to become a regional civil contracting company and continued to expand the aggregates operations, quickly gaining a reputation as the major player in the field of recycled materials in MA.  After several years at their first company location in Andover, Deloury moved its main aggregate operation to the Dracut location in 1998 and Agretech was soon formed.  The 62 acre facility sits along major trucking routes and received one of the first MA DEP approvals for recycling in the state.  Agretech maintains a model recycling and material processing operation in strict accordance to state and local requirements.

In recent years, Agretech has accepted, on average, over 250,000 tons of disposed materials annually…and reprocessed every ton for reuse in the local markets.  The only alternative for most of these materials is landfills…Agretech is proud of its role in helping to recover these resources and placing them back into the marketplace.

Today, Agretech and Deloury continue to work closely in growing their respective businesses and provide superior performance and service to their customers.  The companies have grown substantially in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire but continue to look for more growth opportunities in the region.


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