Mission and Vision


Agretech is a leading supplier of first class natural, processed and recycled state spec materials. Agretech is a professional, multifaceted construction materials company that imports and exports both small and large volumes of natural, processed and recycled aggregate materials. We pride ourselves in our state of the art disposal and processing facilities, superior products and our cutting edge service.

Agretech provides superlative products and services to a wide range of clientele including owners, developers, municipalities, general contractors, site contractors, demolition contractors and utility contractors. Agretech will innovatively bring professional and tactical solutions to the toughest industry demands in a timely fashion. Agretech’s unique ability to aggressively service its clientele far exceeds its competitors and it separates Agretech from other aggregate companies.

Agretech’s superior products and professional services provide its customers with the opportunity to increase their job profitability. Agretech’s aggressive service capability and superior product quality allows its clients the opportunity to maximize their labor and equipment force thus maximizing their profitability. Agretech’s expertise in providing its clientele with the right material for the right application continues to bring success to its customers.

Agretech’s professional management team uses clear, positive and effective communication to strategically and systematically direct its professionals to meet the demand of its customers. Agretech’s strong team of professional employees and subcontractors perform their daily activities at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Agretech continues to maintain a strong relationship with its suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors, which are critical to the success of this operation. Agretech treats it employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors with the highest level of respect and professionalism.

Agretech’s state of the art processing and disposal facilities are where Agretech professionally, strategically, systematically, timely and tactically performs its expertise. Agretech’s facilities visual impressiveness conveys to the public the level of perfection this organization is striving to obtain


Agretech Ordering and Conversion Calculator

Estimate the number of cubic yards needed based on input, length and depth. This calculator helps provide approximate ordering quantities for sand, stone, loam and other materials.
Enter length and width in feet and depth in inches to calculate cubic yards of material required.
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Calculations of yards needed.
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