Rail Operations

Agretech Corporation and Rail Operations

Agretech’s ongoing commitment to finding logistics solutions for customers is taking on a growth spurt.  Agretech has joined forces with the Providence and Worcester Railroad in Worcester, MA, to establish a “rail to truck” transloading facility at the railroad’s main yard.  The anchor customer is Charah, Inc., a national distributor who markets flyash to concrete producers in central New England.

Worcester is rapidly becoming the “transportation hub” of central New England, served by two major railroads, an extensive highway network and the regional airport.  Agretech utilizes its operational and management expertise along with long-established trucking relationships to create cost-effective transloading and intermodal services for a growing number of customers.

Operational readiness has always been recognized as one of Agretech strengths.  DW Leasing, a sister equipment company, offers Agretech quick access to a wide range of specialized equipment options, especially helpful in the challenging and demanding world of railroad terminal applications.

Agretech’s new and efficient transloading operation in Worcester can be an ideal option for regional customers to lower freight and storage costs while reducing exposure and risk.  The ongoing search for logistics solutions in New England is leading to a bright future for railroads and their trucking partners.  Agretech is poised and pleased to take a leading role in providing these solutions.


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